Rectangle-shaped egyptian cartouche pendant necklace Tablet pendant necklace with hieroglyphic images in 10k or 14k Yellow, Rose, or White Gold egyptian. Egyptian Cartouche Necklace, Custom Made Cartouche Pendant, Silver Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic Cartouche Jewelry, Egypt Name Necklace. A cartouche is an. Need Sooner? Gold in Ancient Egypt held great value, it was considered the flesh of the gods. Now you can own a piece of history with our solid 14k white gold. LEE - Egyptian Cartouche Hieroglyphics Necklace · Personalize with name of choice · 10k Yellow or White Solid Gold - Weighs about grams · 14K Yellow, White. Personalized gold cartouches are popular pendants today. You can get your very own royal gold cartouche today, customized with your own name in real Egyptian.

This gold pendant represents an Egyptian cartouche decorated with hieroglyphs in relief on yellow gold mat. The back is decorated with Egyptian motifs on rose. Every pharaoh, king, and queen in ancient Egypt wore a hieroglyphic seal called a "cartouche." They believed it brought power and protection. Create your own Personalized Egyptian Cartouche Necklace in Silver or Gold. Made in Egypt. Egyptian jewelry, Egyptian statues, Museum Quality Collectibles. Ancient Egyptian names were often written on scrolls or carved into stone inside the oval cartouche, in beautiful, pictorial hieroglyphs. 20" chain, " engraved charm cartouche with "VERIDIA" in English and Hieroglyphics on the reverse side. Silver plated brass. Order your Egyptian Cartouche Necklace personalized with your Name in 18K Gold or sterling Silver, Made in Egypt, secure PayPay payments. 18K Cartouche Pendant - Personalized Egyptian Hieroglyphic 18K Solid Gold Cartouche Pendant. (52). Sale Price $ $ Egyptian Hollow 18K Gold Cartouche Our Solid filigree 18K gold Egyptian Cartouche Jewelry portrays your name in either ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics, English. Egyptian Hieroglyphic cartouche says I Love You in Gold plated bronze - the perfect gift. The Cartouche Necklace is a precious talisman that features personalized hieroglyphic engravings. It symbolizes protection and eternal life, allowing you to. Get a custom necklace that spells out your name (or someone else's) in hieroglyphics! Every pharaoh, king, and queen in ancient Egypt wore a hieroglyphic.

Handmade in Cairo, pendant will measure about 1 ½", depending on the number of letters. Specify name or initials up to 8 letters. In sterling silver or 14K gold. Customize Personalized Cartouche Necklace (Open Style) Available 14K Gold, 18K Gold and Sterling Silver 1-Sided Solid Pendant Translate into ancient egyptian. Our personalized and customized solid 18K is handmade cartouche ring (rings) made in Egypt with your name in hieroglyphs 18k gold solid 18k gold. Our 9ct solid gold Egyptian Cartouche Necklace illustrates different hieroglyphic symbols and is suspended on a fine spiga chain. Cartouches were formerly. Own a piece of history with our sterling silver and silver personalized cartouches. Select from over 50 styles to display your name or message up to 9. Today, these necklaces are a part of everyday style as a great omen for protection and good luck. Ancient Egyptians believed that cartouches could protect. Now you can own a piece of history with our solid 18k gold personalized cartouches. Select from 40 styles to display your name or message up to 9 symbols in. Translate any name or word into hieroglyphs on this beautiful Egyptian Cartouche! Your traditional pendant will be custom made, by hand, in the ancient. The cartouche shape is meant as a stylized version of a rope wrapped around a name and tied closed. It was called "shen," which means "encircled." In ancient.

Egyptian Hieroglyphic cartouche says I Love You in Gold plated bronze - the perfect gift. When you order one of our beautiful personalized cartouches, we translate your name into ancient Hieroglyphics, and then place those symbols by hand onto. This Egyptian Cartouche necklace is handmade with sterling silver and plated with white gold. The necklace is double-sided so you can customize it on both. Product Description the pharaohs to wear the Cartouche's as amulets because it was believed to ward off evil and to protect the name that was written inside. explore Egyptian cartouche jewelry, egyptian jewelry, egyptian necklace, hieroglyphics pendant, hieroglyphics neckalce, cartouche, egyptian gold jewelry.

Jewelry · Cutesy · Puzzles. Menu. Cart 0 · Home › Egyptian Cartouche Necklace. Egyptian Cartouche Necklace. Product #: J Default. Love innovation? Looking for the new trend? Pome Jewelry is bringing renowned jewelers and enamelists together to create stunning and everlasting jewelry. The pendant will be custom made, by hand, in the ancient bazaar of Khan el-Khalili in the heart of Cairo. Each cartouche is stamped, often in two places, with. Golden Creations Cartouche Pendant - Your Name with Egyptian Hieroglyphics. We have a gift for you, "Ankh Protection Earrings." when you purchase Cartouche Necklace, Please check here Each item is.

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